… selber spielen lernen …

In the Dresden area, I am offering classical violin lessons for beginners and advanced students of all ages.

It is my intention to transport the joy of playing this wonderful instrument, not only by playing concerts, but also by teaching others.

Learning to play the violin helps to express different moods artistically and, of course, to follow your idols on the instrument. That´s why I want to accompany you on your journey to master these challenges and to achieve your individual goals.

It is essential that the lessons convey all aspects of the classical violin technique.

These aspects contain body posture while playing, your intonation, articulation and phrasing as well as producing a clear tone and metric/rhythmic accuracy.
A good technical knowledge will enable you to get on to the next level of advanced playing and to fully express your music. For me, it ´s of the outmost importance to allow enough time during lessons and to develop an individual and balanced program that contains both technique and repertoire.
Not only being able to play music pieces and repertoire in general is of great significance, but also getting acquainted with background knowledge about the composers and the time they lived in.

This is why,…

“The best things in music are not written down in the score.”
Gustav Mahler

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Sheet music library

This Download Area is reserved for students only and contains working material. The music library is divided into two sections: “Technique” and “Repertoire”.
The files contain copies and are explicitly for private usage, such as lessons and practice.
For public auditions and concerts, it is required to always use the original scores by the publishing company.